Hey guys! I am here today with a Top Ten post. If you don’t know what these area, they are posts that usually rank ten things that are the “best” of their category. Top Ten posts can be a group or individuals top ten movies, top ten books, top ten candy bars, top ten moments in a TV show, etc.

Today, I will be doing the top ten book series. These are all opinions, and most people’s ideas of the top ten book series will differ.

Number 10- The Lorien Legacies (More commonly referred to as “I Am Number Four” which is the title of the first book, but not the official series title)

A series based around alien refugees from a terrible war who must fight against their enemies save their species from extinction, this series is an ongoing series with a movie adaptation of the first book. This is a science fiction series that I find to be quite fascinating.

Number 9- The Hunger Games

I’m sure you have all heard of this teen dystopia trilogy, set in the ruins of America, in a new nation called Panam. It is full of action and adventure. The trilogy has been made into four movies.

Number 8- The Maze Runner

Besides The Hunger Games, this is likely the most well known teen dystopia trilogy. Full of interesting mysteries and vivid descriptions, this series is definitely worth a read. The first two books currently have movie adaptations, and the third is in production.

Number 7- Lord of The Rings

This series is probably one of the most well-renown series of all time. This is fantasy series about elves, dwarves, wizards, Hobbits, and the temptation power gives to mortals. In addition, it is the oldest series on this list, comprised of three books and a prequel called The Hobbit.

Number 6- Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan is well renown for his spin on classic mythology- Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse- through many children series. This was his first and most well known series about demigods who must go on quests and thwart a terrible evil through five books.

Number 5- Skullduggery Pleasant

This is a British series that most people have not heard of. Like many of the books on this list, Skullduggery is a fantasy series. It is comprised of nine books about a teenage girl and a talking, walking, fire throwing skeleton. This dynamic duo goes on a variety of adventures and faces a variety of enemies throughout this series.

Number 4- Theodore Boone

This series is written by John Grisham, a former lawyer, and is a legal thriller series currently comprising of six books about a boy named Theo Boone, a teenage lawyer who solves many cases, and gets involved in a variety of them from being a lawyer in Animal Court to catching a murderer.

Number 3-The Heroes of Olympus

This series is a series of five books considered to be the sequel series to the Percy Jackson series. It features a new cast of characters; some from the original series, some new. One of the reasons I love this series is because of the unique cast of characters with their different personalities, backstories, and fantastical abilities.

Number 2- The Mysterious Benedict Society

This is another series that is not too well known, but definitely worth a read. Written by Trenton Lee Stewart. this realistic fiction series is centered on four kids with rather special talents- none of which are the magical sort. Using an interesting mix of brains and brawn, the four heroes face of against a devious evil genius who seeks to rule the world. Thera are three books, not including the prequel.

And now, the best series of all time…drumroll please…

Number 1- Harry Potter

This series is likely one of the most famous series of all time. A brilliant fantasy series about a boy named Harry Potter whose parents were murdered when he was only a year old by an evil…creature by the name of Lord Voldemort. Throughout the series, Harry and his friends go to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. They battle the evil Lord Voldemort, go an marvelous adventures, play a sport called Quidditch on brooms, learn magic. and most importantly, explore the magical world that so many children grew up reading about. This series consists of seven books and one play set 19 years after the seventh book.


I hope you enjoyed this list! Have suggestions for future posts, Top Ten lists, Book Reviews, etc? Comment them down below!

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