This is extremely late, but I hit 1k pageviews. I consider that to be a major achievement, considering the fact that this is simply a small blog that I’m not exactly active on (although I really ought to post more).

To be exact, I am at 1,602 pageviews. That is seriously insane.
How did this happen?
Well, this post was put up a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, the link is here.

This link was shared on my Instagram page, and my dad’s Facebook page. Since then, it has appeared countless times in the forums section of this website. I have not yet remotely looked at the website, so I honestly have no idea what it or the forums section of it is, but I’m assuming it is a Daniel Craig fan site that had a user that found my website and shared it with others.

This post has generated 619 views, and many more subscribers to this website + my newsletter.
As I had done previously, I will list the top 5 countries from which I am receiving page views and visitors.

1. USA (still)
2. UK
3. Germany
4. Canada
5. Brazil (knocked down from second to fifth)

I will occasionally post this leaderboard, maybe even expanding it to top 10 instead of top 5. Why? Well, I personally find this to be very intriguing. I like knowing which parts of the world my visitors are from.

I had set my last goal for 1k views by 2017. I completely crushed that goal. Next goal: 2500 by March.

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