Around a year ago, I wrote a series of flash fiction stories about a post apocalyptic world where zombies ruled, and one lone man dared to topple the empire of zombies. I decided I may as well post it here. I only have the first three parts written, so the future posts may take longer to arrive.


It was mid afternoon. I was sprinting through trees, breathing heavily. Branches whipped at my already torn clothes and my face, cutting open the skin. I eventually slowed as I came towards a hill, which I managed to stumble up within a few minutes. I collapsed on the ground and laid there for a few minutes, listening to hear if there were any creatures nearby. The landscape seemed thoroughly covered in woodland.
Good. Lots of cover.
I slung my backpack off my shoulders, and took out my canteen.
I took a long drink, then put it back and slid down the face of the hill. This was a new place. Hopefully, there would be a decent amount of supplies around. I foraged through a grove of rotten trees, completely overgrown with wild branches and thorny bushes. The branches scraped my bare arms, but I did not care. I was on a mission and had no time to waste with such things.
After a bit, a crossroad loomed in front of me. Two ways to go. In between, there stood a tall wooden post. And on this post…was a corpse. The skin was decaying, and looked like something had ripped off large chunks of it. There were bits of yellowing bone showing through the skin. The skull was completely visible, completely battered and cracking into pieces.
I stared at the corpse.
“Well then. How did you end up like this?”
Of course, the corpse did not respond.
“Looks like some of the zombies got to you.”
I chose the right path. It led into a bit of a clearing with a small wooden shack in it. I walked to the door. With one swift kick, it spun open. It was very dark inside. I rummaged through my bag for a bit, and pulled out my solar powered flashlight. I had forgotten to charge it in the sun, but it had a bit of power left. I turned it on and proceeded with my usual sweep of the building.
There was something odd about it. The living room was destroyed. There were bookcases that had obviously once held books, long gone, taken away by someone. The couches were covered in sheets to block the dust, but the sheets were completely shredded. There was a cracked photo above the fireplace. I looked at it. It was a man and his bride, at their wedding. They were holding a little girl, less than a year old.
This damn plague. It tore families apart. These three people were probably all dead. Everyone was.
I grabbed the photo out of the case it was in. I kept a bunch of photos in a photo album in my bag. Just in case there was any chance that one or two of the people were alive. I could give them the photo. Give them the memory.
I went into the next room, a kitchen. There was a broken stool on the ground. I searched the rest of the ground floor. Upstairs, there was a hallway. At the end of it, there was a door that seemed to be closed and bolted carefully. I shoved the door a few times, and it gave way. I expected dust to be covering the floor, but there was little dust. Instead there were patches of dust here and there, and some blood. In the center of the room was a bed. And on the bed lay a girl around my age, asleep. And above her was a man. He was tall and broad shouldered. He reached towards her.
“HEY!” I yelled.
He turned towards me. There was a green tinge on his skin, and a red gleam in his eye. His lip curled into a smile, and he jumped towards me. He was clearly a zombie, in stage 4. Maybe early stage 5. I pulled a knife from my belt. He stumbled towards me, groaning with the effort it took to move. I was about to throw the knife when the girl shot up.
“Stop!” she yelled. The zombie stopped walking.
I took a closer look at the girl. She had blond hair and hazel eyes. “What is going on?”
“You! Come here!” She pointed at the zombie. It slowly turned around and stumbled to her, collapsing onto the ground a few feet away. It groaned loudly, then stopped moving.
“Well then. That was unusual,” I stated.
The girl just glared at me. “Why! Stupid piece of crap…potions, the hell?”
I stared at her, wide-eyed. “I’ve met quite a lot of psychopaths recently. Do you have the plague?”
She shot to her feet, and stalked towards me. She grabbed my wrist, and pulled me against the wall, then put her finger against my lips.
There was a loud bang from downstairs, followed by a loud groan. “Great. Another zombie” I whispered. She looked at me. “Stage 10. It’s a scouter.”
Hell. Once you hit stage 10, there was no going back. You were a full on zombie, under the control of One.
One was the first zombie that was…born? Nobody knew where it came from. It began to infect humans by biting them, building a small army. Usually, this would be no threat. A zombie was a nothing but a corpse that couldn’t go faster than a mile or two per hour. Sadly, One was not a normal zombie.
It was invincible to guns, knifes, fire, cars, rocks, drowning, poison, and everything else. It was also super fast, far faster than a human. While the Plague could make humans go through 10 stages to become a full blown, powerful zombie, One could send a human into a stage ten zombie within minutes. Since One was pretty smart too, It literally made a freaking government…of zombies. One somehow unleashed multiple strings of the Plague, each one turning humans into a different type of zombie.
There were Regs, basic zombies. Just like the kind that was in the room, pretty slow, stupid, but fairly strong. Scouters were pretty smart. They could make and use maps, and figure out what areas were good to attack. They were usually sent to scout out an area before the zombie military invaded. Yes, these zombies had a freaking military. Scouters were also pretty fast, and had strong attacks, but were killed easily. Soldiers were much stronger, smarter, and very uniform compared to the regs. They actually followed orders given by One. There were many subdivisions of the soldiers, but I won’t get into them. Besides various generals and such, these were the main zombies. Finding Regs in an area was typical and didn’t mean anything. If there was a Scouter, that meant had to leave. If the Soldiers arrived, you were dead. Unless you were well armed, and very, very smart. Which I, luckily, was.

My name is Felix Staven, and my mission is to find and eliminate the head zombie, the one they call “One.” It personally killed my family in front of me, and I will stop at nothing to get my revenge.

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Can’t wait for more!!

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