As you may or may not know, I have reached 20 posts on my Instagram account. Through the features that business accounts on Instagram have access to, I have been able to get a solid grasp on how the account is doing in terms of statistics, and I thought I would share them. The terms I am using are NOT the terms that Instagram uses to describe these types of traffic, but I have adapted them to match the terms I use and what you guys have seen on previous stat overviews.

Over the first 20 posts overall, I have hit:

-Nearly 2,000 postviews in total

-A little over 1.1k unique visitors- this isn’t necessarily in total, as a user who visits each post would be counted as a unique visitor on each post, due to the fact that Instagram doesn’t offer total page states (at least as far as I know)

-Over 1,000 engagement (likes+comments on posts)

-Nearly 500 followers gained

My Instagram traffic so far, for a relatively small account, has been outstanding. There are no massive and absurd amounts of traffic, but there has been far more traffic than I could have ever anticipated. This is likely due to the fact that Instagram has a substantial base- hundreds of millions of active users. While I do get decent traffic on the blog itself, it is somewhat sporadic and changes a lot depending on how much I am posting, how much traffic I am getting from my existing viewer base and new visitors, etc. From now on, I am considering consolidating both blog and Instagram traffic into one solid overall traffic. In all honesty, I expect my Instagram traffic to surpass my traffic here, but we shall see! What do you guys think? Should I combine both streams of traffic into one solid measure?

Also, don’t forget to submit your ideas for the contest! It is ending in a few short weeks!


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Nicole · April 18, 2017 at 5:12 pm

Hi! My name’s Nicole and I’m starting a a little project, creating an art and philosophical zine called “Knives & Daisies” and I would like creative individuals like yourself to contribute and help enlighten my [currently] empty website. Of course, since the zine is fairly niche content would need to be fairly specific, but judging from your ability to write I would very much like to feature your work. If you’re interested, let me know 🙂

– Nicole | |

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