My Favorite TV Shows

I decided to create a small list of my five favorite television shows!

Note, this list will contain plot spoilers. Beware. Additionally, I would not recommend a single one of these shows aside from #2 to anyone under the age of 10.


5. Stranger Things (2016-)

A strange world unbeknownst to most humans. A strange mystery of two children; one vanishing mysteriously, and one with some sort of powers. This sci-fi/thriller show created a lot of buzz in 2015 and became extremely popular. I liked the show for the horror aspects of it, along with Eleven’s powers and the monster. The show is known to be fairly scary, and really is not suitable for younger audiences.

I would recommend being at least 12-13 and/or being fine with horror to watch this.

4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962)

This show is very well renown. Created by “the master of suspense” himself, this show combines drama, horror, mystery, crime, and much more into one show. While “The Twilight Zone” is equally, if not more famous, I prefer AHP for two major reasons: the endings are not easy to deduce fairly quickly unlike TZ. Most TZ episodes were fairly straightforward, but AHP episodes always have twists and turns. Also, AHP has “something for the whole family” (except little kids) meaning that there are several different types of episodes, making it very entertaining.

I cannot give a solid age recommendation, because some episodes don’t have a trace of anything dark while many concern murder, but overall I’d say 12 years and up.

3. Sherlock (2010-)

If you like mystery or crime shows, you’ll love Sherlock. A friend of mine convinced me to watch the show, and I did not regret it. it is brilliantly done, with excellent characterization, gripping plots, and very interesting mysteries and solutions. I’ve only just started reading the books and short stories themselves, so I can’t accurately compare them too well, but the show does differ a decent bit from the original stories.

I recommend being at least 12-13 before watching this show due to the violence, bloody scenes, detailed descriptions of murder, and occasional swearing. Season 4 is also much darker and somewhat creepy at times.

2. Fresh Off The Boat (2015-)

The only comedy show on this list! FotB and Sherlock are very close for me. The next episodes/seasons will likely decide which one I like more, but I highly doubt either of them will ever be able to be better than my number one pick, at least in my opinion. This show is about Eddie Huang and his Taiwanese family moving from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida. The show is absolutely hilarious, but I personally think it’s not suited for everyone.

I’d give this show an age rating of 10+. There are no gory or scary scenes, just some mild swearing. 










And now, my favorite tv show of all time! Drumroll please…


1. Lost (2004-2010)

This show is nothing short of fantastic. I love the depth of characterization, mysteries, sci-fi themes, time travel, and everything else about the show. I’m probably going to end up making a post solely about my favorite characters (spoiler alert, Charlie’s my favorite). This show manages to incorporate mythology, horror, science fiction, and humor all at the same time. The ending is famous for being extremely controversial, perhaps the most controversial TV show ending of all time! I may very well have to make a post just about that as well! If you have the time to watch 121 episodes of any TV show (excluding the epilogue & “missing pieces” mini-series) I highly recommend watching Lost.

I would give Lost an age rating of 12+ due to gore and some darker themes.

Of course, I have not watched all TV shows. I have yet to see the classics like “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” and dozens of others. Out of the shows I have seen however, these are my favorite. 

Here’s a cool “Lost” image made by OtherTees.
















I have finished writing “Mansion Of Horrors” on my Instagram writing account. If you’re interested, you can start it here.

What sort of lists/other posts do you want to see next? Have you seen any of these shows? Let me know with a comment or a DM to my Instagram account. 

“Suspicion” by Alexandra Monir – Book Review

     I am back with another book review! “Suspicion” by Alexandra Monir. A thrilling tale of a royal family, murder, and a mystery dating back hundreds of years. 

Reader discretion is advised. This review will contain detailed plot spoilers and a few scenes that may be unsuitable for younger audiences. If you want to see my rating of the book, scroll straight to the bottom.

“Suspicion” is set in modern England. The Rockford family is an old and powerful family, now split into two separate branches– the heirs family resides in England, and the brother of the heir lives in New York with his wife and daughter. 

The story revolves around Imogen Rockford, who goes to visit her family in England every year. The book opens on Imogen sitting in her castle in the present, waiting to speak to the police. We are brought back to Imogen’s past, and learn of the demise of everyone in her family aside from her cousin and her grandfather. They burn in a fire, a fire that taints the land. 

Imogen returns to New York and is take in by her parents friends. She decides to shun her cousin and grandfather, because her cousin is dating Sebastian, the boy Imogen was smitten with as a young girl. Sebastian has a little brother named Theo who nobody really cares about. Poor Theo. Personally, I thought this was a little bit over the top. Nearly everyone Imogen ever cared about is suddenly dead and she decides to shut away the few living people that care about her? Anyways, Imogen is eventually contacted by an official involved in her family’s affairs and learns that her cousin + grandfather are dead (totally accidental, not murder or anything) and Imogen is the last heir to take the throne. Surprise! You get to go from being a senior in high school extremely worried about going to college to a multi-millionaire duchess with tons of admirers. 

This book is very remarkable for it’s surprise twists and turns. Imogen’s cousin was actually murdered! It was totally Sebastian. But then Imogen finds letters from her cousin to Theo and…shocker! She was secretly with Theo. Another shocker! Sebastian never actually loved her! So we come to the age old question of: who done it? Theo, the possibly deranged little brother who nobody really cares about because he’s not a famous sports star? Or Sebastian, the moody but famous sports star? If you went with Theo or Sebastian…you’re wrong. Imogen’s cousin is alive! Turns out she switched places with the daughter of a maid. And then she killed said daughter. It’s also her fault that everyone else is dead. While all of this is going on, Imogen learns of an ancestor who was hanged as a witch. Imogen just happened to be the first descendant to inherit her magical abilities. She’s not a witch, she’s an “elemental.” Also, there’s some sort of magical stone hidden in the maze on the Rockford estate. Nobody can find the center or the magic stone, they always get lost. They could’ve just used a helicopter and looked from the air, but that would’ve been too simple.

Eventually Imogen gets the stone, regrows the plants on the supposedly tainted land, and all is well. 

Overall, this book wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed the several twists and turns along the way. The main thing I didn’t like was the lack of characterization in some places. Some characters literally had no reason for existing, and some barely had a personality. 

I’ll give this book 4/5 stars and a 10+ rating for violence and a few darker themes.

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