Want to write a short story or flash fiction but have no idea where to start? Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve decided to compose a list of writing prompts/starters/ideas for those who need an idea to begin a story.

General Prompts:

  1. Your character is approached by a man who claims he possesses the ability to see the future. He proceeds to disclose to said character that he/she will, in 48 hours, be the only human being on Earth.
  2. Your character is the commander of a planet-wide defense agency and must use all the resources of mankind to defend Earth from an alien attack.

Horror Prompts:

  1. The locals of a small town often report seeing an odd creature lurking in the shadows at night. There are a handful of disappearances linked to sightings of the creature.
  2. A band of teenagers go to a nearby island to throw a party. The island is covered with woods and lacks inhabitants. Things start getting chilling when one of the attendees stumbles out of the woods with a knife in his chest. With his last breath, he tells the others to run.

Mystery Prompts:

  1. A famous painting is stolen from a museum. Inspection of surveillance camera tapes reveals the thief to be an employee of the museum. One week later, while in prison, the employee is found dead, having been stabbed in the back with a knife. But where is the painting, and who killed the employee?
  2. A well-regarded lawyer is caught fabricating evidence to prove the defendant of a burglary guilty. Said lawyer has no relation to either the burglar or the case…or do they?

I’m planning to make this a series – uploading 5+ prompts a week. 

If you use any of these, make sure to let me know!

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