“Legend” By Marie Lu – Book Review

   “Legend” by Marie Lu is the beginning of a dystopia trilogy set in the United States. The country has split in half, and The Republic governs the west. The story follows two teenagers: a criminal and the child of a wealthy family.

Note: this review will contain major plot spoilers and scenes that are unsuitable of younger audiences. Reader discretion is advised.


   The government of the Republic is attempting to find an elusive criminal named Day. Day, as far as his family members (aside from his brother) know, is dead. Day is traveling around with his friend Tess, an orphan with great healing skills. 

     While spying on his family, Day learns that one of his family members is infected with a disease, and he breaks into a hospital to steal medicine. He manages to do so, but not without being confronted by a guard. Day stabs the guard in the shoulder and escapes. The next morning, the guard is found dead. His younger sister, June, is sent to hunt down Day. She comes from a rich family that is friendly with the Republic. June accidentally ends up in a fighting ring and beats up a member of the Patriots, a resistance group that is locked in combat with the Republic. June is later attacked by a group in an alley. Day and Tess save her. June and Day fall in love, but June comes to realize that Day is who she has been hunting, and returns to her home to report his identity to the republic. June finds her brother’s computer and learns that his murder is not what it seems. He believed that the Republic planned to kill him. June realizes Day is innocent and that the Republic is corrupt and the government officials are evil.

     A military official goes to Day’s house and threatens to shoot his mother unless he reveals himself. Day does, but his mother is killed anyways. Day and his brother John are arrested and sentenced to death. June, enlightened to the evils of the Republic, decides to help save Day. She convinces the Patriots to save Day. The Day of the execution, the Patriots rescue Day. John, however, is executed. June and Day are aided by the Patriots, and the pair get on a train to travel to the east – the Colonies. 

   The plot was decent. I personally was not a fan of the predictability and lack of complexity. The death of Day’s family members didn’t really have much of a purpose other than to fuel June’s hatred against the Republic, which was unnecessary once she found out that they had killed her brother.


    The characterization in this book was good. The three main characters had a decent amount of depth. June and Day’s love interest likely conflicts with Tess later in the series. My guess is that Tess will have been secretly in love with Day, creating a love triangle and forcing Day to chose between the two.


   I would rate this book, overall, a 3.5. I was not a huge fan of this book, but it did have a few excellent scenes. For me, personally, it was little more than an average dystopia book. I will give this book an age rating of 12+ due to several violent scenes and occasional light swearing.

New Book Review System

   I’ve adopted a new system to review and rate books. Instead of rating books out of five stars, I will be rating them out of ten.

Here is what the new ratings mean:

1- I loathe this book with a burning passion and I believe that nobody should ever read it.

2- This book was very bad and I strongly recommend avoiding it at all costs.

3- I recommend not reading this book unless you wish to be extremely bored.

4- At best, this was a mediocre book and I give it a weak recommend.

5- This book was decent and I would recommend reading it.

6- I enjoyed this book and think it’s a good book that should be read.

7- It is a very good book and should be read by everyone, even people who don’t necessarily enjoy literature. 

8- This book is excellent and I strongly recommend reading it.

9- This book rivals some of the books I personally consider the greatest books of all time and should be read at your earliest convenience.

10- This is the magnum opus of literature and you must read it immediately. 


“Camp Half-Blood Confidential” by Rick Riordan – Book Review

     “Camp Half-Blood Confidential” is a collection of various short stories, illustrations, and miscellaneous scenes that all pertain to Rick Riordan’s fictional world of gods, monsters, and adventure.

 Note: this review will differ from my normal style due to the fact that there is no real plot line. 

   This book has minor connections to a few of Riordan’s series in that it’s set in the same universe and has many of the same characters. This book does not contain major links to any series/the overarching plot line. The book is set sometime after “The Hidden Oracle” and will contain minor spoilers if you have not read THO. 

   The book essentially opens on CHB minus Chiron (who is off to rescue some demigods who could possibly be important characters later on) and Dionysus who is MIA. Nico discovers that none of the other campers have seen the CHB orientation film, and the campers decide to play the film. The rest of the book comprises of various scenes and stories from said film, little bits of Apollo’s bad poetry, explanations of tourist attractions and maps of CHB. In addition, we have the standard glossary of characters, and a preview of “The Dark Prophecy.” The characters are the same, no new characters are introduced that have not been mentioned in a previous series.

   Overall,  this was a mediocre book. Nothing special. I’d rate it 5/10 and give it a weak recommend. I’d give it an age rating of 8+ for mild/infrequent violence.

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Writing Prompts 2

More prompts! 

Sci-Fi Prompts: 

  1. The moon suddenly disappears with no explanation. What happened?
  2. While on a trip to Easter Island, a man discovers carvings in a cave that depict aliens visiting to help move to Moai.

Horror Prompts:

  1. Police try to hunt down a serial killer in Las Vegas before he murderers his next target.
  2. A group of friends decided to explore the creepy abandoned hospital that was shut down after several surgeons were convicted with malpractice and murder.

A Little Preview of What I’m Working On

Hey guys!

As you may or may not know, I have been working on a short-story collection for quite a while now. I have begun to edit the collection, and I hope to publish it this fall. 

The collection consists of a few short stories and a glimpse at some of my future works. If you’re a fan of horror, mystery, and sci-fi, you’ll probably enjoy this book! Personally, my favorite of the stories is about two detectives, Jake Ferin and Walter Stanwood, investigating a robbery that seems to be flawless. Writing it was interesting as it was initially merely an experiment; trying to write in a different style than I normally do. Now, however, it has evolved into a rather interesting story.

Additionally, the first horror story I ever wrote is included in the collection, as well as a ghost story and a piece concerning a very strange monstrous creature wreaking havoc all over America.

I hope you guys are excited for the release! I certainly am.

I will likely post once I have completed the editing process.