“Camp Half-Blood Confidential” is a collection of various short stories, illustrations, and miscellaneous scenes that all pertain to Rick Riordan’s fictional world of gods, monsters, and adventure.

 Note: this review will differ from my normal style due to the fact that there is no real plot line. 

   This book has minor connections to a few of Riordan’s series in that it’s set in the same universe and has many of the same characters. This book does not contain major links to any series/the overarching plot line. The book is set sometime after “The Hidden Oracle” and will contain minor spoilers if you have not read THO. 

   The book essentially opens on CHB minus Chiron (who is off to rescue some demigods who could possibly be important characters later on) and Dionysus who is MIA. Nico discovers that none of the other campers have seen the CHB orientation film, and the campers decide to play the film. The rest of the book comprises of various scenes and stories from said film, little bits of Apollo’s bad poetry, explanations of tourist attractions and maps of CHB. In addition, we have the standard glossary of characters, and a preview of “The Dark Prophecy.” The characters are the same, no new characters are introduced that have not been mentioned in a previous series.

   Overall,  this was a mediocre book. Nothing special. I’d rate it 5/10 and give it a weak recommend. I’d give it an age rating of 8+ for mild/infrequent violence.

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