I’ve adopted a new system to review and rate books. Instead of rating books out of five stars, I will be rating them out of ten.

Here is what the new ratings mean:

1- I loathe this book with a burning passion and I believe that nobody should ever read it.

2- This book was very bad and I strongly recommend avoiding it at all costs.

3- I recommend not reading this book unless you wish to be extremely bored.

4- At best, this was a mediocre book and I give it a weak recommend.

5- This book was decent and I would recommend reading it.

6- I enjoyed this book and think it’s a good book that should be read.

7- It is a very good book and should be read by everyone, even people who don’t necessarily enjoy literature. 

8- This book is excellent and I strongly recommend reading it.

9- This book rivals some of the books I personally consider the greatest books of all time and should be read at your earliest convenience.

10- This is the magnum opus of literature and you must read it immediately. 



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