Hey everyone! I am beginning a story entitled “Operation Pluto” that will be split up and posted over time. If you like espionage, war, and politics, you may be interested. However, reader discretion is advised for the story due to gore and darker themes.

And now, “Operation Pluto,” Part One.


I crept down the hallway and stopped next to the doorway, peering inside the room. A man sat at a desk in front of a computer.

My name is Seth Reeves, and I am currently infiltrating a military base in Vladivostok, Russia.  

The year is 2043. The world has been locked in a brutal war that has been raging for over two decades. Cities have been destroyed, and millions of people killed. I had enlisted in the American army when I turned eighteen. Over the past fourteen years, I had fought to protect my nation from the evils of our enemy. I have killed, seen my friends die, and been through things that will haunt me until the day I die.

Now, however, I am in Vladivostok, one of the central military bases of Russia. The city is in the east, far away from any other major Russian cities. When Canada and the United States declared war on Russia, they were quick to fortify the city in case of attack.

We had received word that the Russians were planning a major attack on Seattle and a few Americans had been sent to infiltrate the base and figure out their plan.

I quietly walked up to the man who, at the last second, spun his chair around to face me. His face was one of shock as he reached for his belt holster, where his gun was. I drove my fist into his nose and grabbed my knife, sinking it into his neck. He forced his hand over the wound while scrabbling for his gun with the other hand. With a final cough, his eyes glazed over, his hand dropped, and he was dead. I dragged him out of the chair onto the floor and closed his eyelids.

I turned to the computer and stopped in confusion. The open folder was entitled “Personnel Files,” and the mouse was hovering over a name that I knew.

Name: Derick Grrafold

Date of entry: November 12, 2043

Subject: Human soldier


Former: The United States of America (2039-2043)

Current: Russian Federation (2043-)

Personal Status: Living. Captured during the Battle of San Fransisco Military Status: Successfully converted to RF Army through Project Rousseau. Will be used for Operation Pluto. 

The rest of the file included details about Derick’s life as well as photos of him, including information that only Derick himself would have been able to provide. I stared at the screen, recalling the Battle of San Fransisco. Russia had invaded and we were called to the defense of our nation. The battle had drawn on for sixteen days, and by the end Russia had retreated, leaving over five hundred thousand people from both armies dead and another three thousand Americans missing. Derick was one of the ones missing.

I hovered the mouse over the words Project Rousseau and clicked the link. Another file entitled “Project Rousseau: Progress” opened up, and the screen went black. Blue words appeared on the screen.


I played around with the computer for a minute, to no avail. I heard a sound from next to the computer and turned my head to see a small black device that lit up.  “Anderson! Are you there?” There was a pause as the voice on the other end waited for a response.

“You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. We’re sending someone to get you.”

I sprinted out of the room and back down the hallway towards the exit. 


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