The Wall – Inside the Blue

The Wall – Inside the Blue

Day 19.

January 9th, 2018. 

The government has been partially shut down for 19 days, making this the second longest government shutdown in the history of America. This shutdown is forcing hundreds of thousands of federal employees to go without pay and has led to a standstill in many government functions.

Why is our government shut down, you ask?

The answer is simple: President Trump wants to build a wall at the southern border to bring an end to illegal immigration. However, this is – to put it simply – a horrible idea.

The Issue

One of President Donald Trump’s main campaign promises was the construction of a wall along the border to put a stop to illegal immigration, which the GOP believes to be one of the largest issues (if not the largest) facing our nation. Trump himself has asserted that illegal immigration is to blame for several issues facing America, as he has claimed that When Mexico sends its people, it is not sending their best. . . . They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” and “The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” Though many of his assertions about illegal immigrants may be blatant falsities, Trump was able to reach the presidency due partly to his promise of a border wall, funded by Mexico, that would bring an end to illegal immigration. 

Since he took office in January 2017, not much has happened. Mexico, unsurprisingly, is not interested in funding the wall, and little progress has been made otherwise.

However, after the 2018 midterm elections resulted in the Democrats taking back the House of Representatives, Trump once again brought up the topic of a border wall. He sought $5.7B in funding from Congress, but after Congressional Democrats and Trump butted heads over Congress’s refusal to allocate money to build the wall, Trump promised to shut down the government if he didn’t get his way, making good on this threat on December 22nd, 2018. 

After Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi once again refused to fund the wall, Trump addressed the nation Tuesday night, giving an error-ridden speech about why a wall is necessary. Earlier today (Wednesday), Trump, Schumer, and Pelosi met to discuss reopening the government and compromising. Trump suddenly ended this meeting after he asked Pelosi if she would build his wall – when she said no, he stood up and stormed out.

Over 50 Congresspeople, both Democrats and Republicans alike, decided to either reject or donate the paychecks they would have received to show solidarity with the 800,000 federal workers who did not receive their paychecks due to the shutdown.

The Facts

-President Trump wants to build a wall along part of the southern border to try to prevent illegal immigration; he has requested $5.7B in funding to do so

-Congress does not wish to grant funding for the wall, and the Congresspeople elected in the 2018 midterms have now taken their seats in Congress – power in the House has shifted to the Democrats

-This shutdown is on track to become the longest shutdown in government history if it doesn’t end by Saturday, January 12th

My Thoughts 

Is illegal immigration an issue? Yes.

People should enter the nation legally – adhering to the laws of the nation is important. However, it is legal to go to a border and make an asylum claim.

Has the rhetoric surrounding immigration, both illegal and legal, turned towards fearmongering and hate? Yes.

Illegal immigration is not responsible for nearly as many issues as it is attributed to. Most drugs, especially heroin, come into the country through legal entry points, not with illegal immigrants. Contrary to what has been pushed by Republicans, including Trump himself, illegal immigrants do not commit more crimes than native-born Americans, and it is, frankly, despicable for those who are insistent about this to continue to remain so. 

Would a border wall be effective, and is building one a good idea? No.

The central issue of illegal immigration is not refugee-seekers from Central America and Mexico but, rather, visa overstays.

The Department of Homeland Security has found that, in 2018, the number of people here illegally due to visa overstays was more than double the number of people coming through the southern border – a pattern that has held true since 2007.

As such, the wall wouldn’t be effective in minimizing illegal immigration – even from Central America and Mexico, since a wall covering a segment of the border is still not too difficult to get around, and the vast majority of illegal immigrants aren’t coming through the southern border. 

By attempting to build a wall, Trump would open a can of worms in regards to eminent domain – seizing all of the land to build the wall will likely take substantial time and money.

If Trump truly wishes to do something about illegal immigration, he must stop twisting the truth and outright lying in order to sow the seeds of xenophobia and distrust in the minds of the American people. Fearmongering is not becoming of an American president, especially fearmongering that is based in fallacy as opposed to reality. Trump must instead focus on cracking down on visa overstayers. Continuing to scapegoat and antagonize people through hateful rhetoric will not bring change; working with Congress and the DoHS will.

If Trump cares about the issues that he associates with illegal immigration – crime and drugs – he must take direct action. He must crack down on cartels and gangs operating inside our borders and support a rehabilitation-based program to get drug addicts clean and reinsert them into both society and the workforce.

Trump needs to stop being immature and insistent on building his ludicrous wall, end his temper-tantrum, and compromise with Schumer and Pelosi. This shutdown must end, and the idea of the wall should die with it.

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Happy Halloween everybody!

Happy reading.


I sprung awake, certain that someone was watching me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t make a sound. All I could do was stare up at the ceiling and at the monstrous creature looming above me. 

Then, I screamed. I flew out of my bed and towards the door before realizing that the creature was gone. My breathing slowed and I turned back around to my bed. It was gone. 

I was awake again. I rubbed my eyes and looked over at the clock. 2:59 AM. My mouth was dry. Impossibly dry. I reached for the glass on my table and lifted it to my mouth. It was empty. I stood up and walked over to the door. As I reached my hand towards the doorknob, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I turned around slowly. My heartbeat quickened. It stalked towards me; a creature with claws larger than my face and wings that completely blocked out and light coming from the windows. I couldn’t see its face, but I could hear a distorted gurgling emanating from its throat. I backed into the corner, covering my face with my arms. 

I was back in my bed. This time, I immediately sprinted for the door. I pried it open and ran into the hall. It was right there. It drove its claw towards me.

I leapt to my feet, hurriedly shrugging off the blanket. A rotten stench filled my nose—the smell of death. I went for both of the windows, but they were both bolted shut, and I could not see anything outside.

The door creaked open.

I spun around and saw it charging towards me, its face still pointed towards the floor. 

This time, I stayed in bed. Maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t move, it wouldn’t find me.

The door opened, and I heard heavy footsteps. The strange gurgling noise grew louder, and the creature began to beat its wings. I was frozen in fear.

The creature let out a terrible shriek—a sound like metal gears grinding on rock. 

I scrambled to my feet and leapt behind the door. It opened once again, and the creature moved into the room. The smell was unbearably strong.

The smell was even worse. Blood was pouring under the door and making a small pool at my feet. The creature crashed through it and finally looked in my direction. All I saw was two glaring red eyes moving towards me.

It was right next to my bed already. I grabbed my clock—which still read 2:59 AM—and threw it at the creature, then slammed into it as I ran for the door.

I woke up again. 


The creature was already in the room, but not quite at my bed. I made a silent resolution and shakily stood.

The creature lifted its head, and I stared into the deep red eyes and the twisted face with features that look as if they were chiseled from stone.

I stepped towards it, and it opened its gaping mouth and went straight for my neck. I smelled a faint metallic stench as my blood poured onto the floor. I collapsed, dying.

I saw the two eyes glaring at me, and then there was darkness.

It was quiet. 

Too quiet.

The door didn’t open. The creature didn’t crash through it.

Nothing happened.

I slowly opened the door and stepped into the hallway. No smell. No noise. No bright red eyes.

I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door. 

It was dark, but I could still faintly make out the details of my face. 

I began to cry.

The clock on the bathroom counter read 3:00 AM.


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On Kavanaugh – Inside the Blue

On Kavanaugh – Inside the Blue

Update 10/5:

Kavanaugh has made it to the Supreme Court due to a 51-49 Senate vote. The Supreme Court will vote on whether or not to send to the Senate for a final confirmation vote.

On July 9th, 2018, President Trump announced his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, a man named Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is an established judge in D.C. and was seen as a logical fit for the Supreme Court by many Republicans.

The next few months would see next to no action concerning Kavanaugh’s nomination and possible conformation.

Then, something happened. A woman named Christine Blasey Ford, a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University, came forward saying that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her thirty years ago. This sparked a massive controversy; a resurgence of the #MeToo movement of the past year.

The Facts:

-Ford went to her therapist in 2012 saying that she had been sexually assaulted in her past and described the man and others involved as high-ranking officials in Washington
-Senate met and led the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing last Thursday (September 27th) that was televised on national television
-Ford gave a very detailed account of the alleged assault and how it has impacted her
-Kavanaugh said that the hearings were an outrageous waste of money and time
-Many Republican senators, especially Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have expressed the sentiment that Ford’s allegations are false and should be discarded

My Thoughts (Event):

Before watching the trial, I was incredibly hesitant to pick a side in the matter. Of course, I immediately was slightly biased against Kavanaugh due to his stances on various issues and the fact of who nominated him, but I reserved judgment until watching the trial and finding out more evidence about the case.

It quickly became blindingly obvious to me that Ford is telling the truth. Her account of her assault and the effect it had on her felt far too real to be pretended. Then, Kavanaugh spoke. He vehemently  attacked the Democrats, saying that “this whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit.” He was asked several questions by several senators in regards to quotes from his high school yearbook

John Kennedy (MS-R) asked Kavanaugh a rather interesting question, one of the few direct questions about the alleged assault: “I’m going to give you a last opportunity right here, right in front of God and country. I want you to look me in the eye. Are Dr. Ford’s allegations true?” to which Kavanaugh responded “They’re not accurate as to me. I have not questioned that she might have been sexually assaulted at some point in her life by someone someplace. But as to me, I’ve never done this.”

I am no lawyer, but Kavanaugh’s testimony – the intense anger he displayed, his combativeness with the Democratic senators, and his bizarre answers to questions that often times did not even answer the question – have made me very suspicious as to how much of what we said was true. I find it probable that he perjured himself several times, especially in his denials of the alleged assault and his drinking habits, especially considering that his former roommate and drinking buddies say that he was lying. 

Differing Reactions:

I have seen the following reactions from Republicans:

“People in power are always accused of sexual assault.” This is simply untrue. Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first nominee, was never accused of anything along the lines of this. Nor were any of the other SCOTUS justices, save Clarence Thomas.

“Why did she wait so long to come forward? This is clearly politically motivated.”  There is a multitude of reasons that women do not come forward. When they do, they are often not believed, belittled, or told to “get over it” or avoid their attacker. Women who come forward have to deal with being shamed or victim-blaming, not to mention the difficulty of pursuing a legal case. Many women simply believe that nothing will be done or that they will be attacked for being a victim and, as such, believe it better not to report sexual assault. Ford likely did not come forward earlier because she was worried that people would deny the attack. However, now that this man could possibly become one of the most powerful people in the country, she feels the need to say what happened.

“He was only seventeen/it was a long time ago.”  I personally believe in second chances, at least in regards to lesser crimes. This, however, is a crime of evil. This sort of action is not something that is ever forgivable. 

My Thoughts (Impact & Outcome):

I believe that Kavanaugh assaulted Ford. 

Her account seemed very real. It is illogical that she could have fabricated evidence in 2012 when she spoke to her therapist about the attack. Kavanaugh’s testimony was full of finger-pointing and incredibly unprofessional behavior that does not point towards his innocence. His defense – the calendar that he did not mark the party where the alleged assault took place on – is an incredibly poor defense. I believe that even if he is innocent, he should not be confirmed due to his testimony. A man who lies about things as minute as what “boofed” meant when he was in high school while under oath is not a man deserving of a Supreme Court seat.

The behavior of Graham, Trump, and other top Republicans has been beyond abhorrent. Hopefully, these events will set a higher standard for officeholders to adhere by. The #MeToo movement still lives in women like Ford and will likely bring about the reckoning of rapists and harassers.

I am optimistic that he will not be confirmed, should he get that far. The two Independent senators, King and Sanders, are guarenteed “no” votes. Hopefully, most if not all Democrats will vote “no,” meaning only a few “no” votes are needed from Republicans.

I am aware that some senators – Democrats and Republicans alike – will vote “yes” in order to protect their political careers. I firmly believe that this is wrong, and I urge all of our senators to reflect upon this important desicion and make the right choice. 

In times of trouble, one can do what is easy or what is safe, or one can do what is right.

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Korea – Inside the Blue

     On April 27th, 2018, Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to cross the border into South Korea.

North and South Korea have had poor relations since the beginning of the Korean War in 1950. After the end of World War 2, Korea split into a communist north and an American-occupied south. North Korea, backed by the Soviet Union, pushed into South Korea. American forces aided by the UN were able to push the communists back to the north. However, American forces pushed further, provoking a response from China, who came to the aid of North Korea. The war dissolved into a messy conflict between the two Koreas, China, the USSR, America, and the UN. In 1993, Eisenhower pushed for the signing of a peace treaty that “ended” the war, returning the nation to a very similar pre-war state (in terms of borders).

     Flash forward to December 2011. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-II passed away and his son Kim Jong-un took the throne. Jong-un has show hostility towards the UN & America as long as he has been in power, but he has finally begun reconciliation with South Korea.

     The most important points of the Decleration signed by Jong-un and Jae-in at the summit can be found here. Esentially, North and South Korea have agreed to take actions to prevent war between the two nations and work towards peace, co-prosperity, and unification. The two men, after embracing, planting a tree, and talking privately for half an hour, have agreed to fomally end the Korean War.

     This is a major step towards world peace, and is far more than mearly symbolic. It seemed tension was increasing. The de-escelation can be attributed mainly to three people: the leaders of North and South Korea (Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in) and, ironically, Donald Trump.

Every since the impeachment of the former South Korean president in mid 2017, Jae-in has pushed for peace and unity. His efforts made the summit possible. Trump, who is infmaous for damaging our international relations by being rude to major world leaders (not to mention his crass remarks on Twitter) inadvertently may have caused Kim Jong-un to agree to strive for peace. Obama never too a very hard stance against North Korea, never once showing open agression towards Jong-un. Trump, through his twitter argument, has. Jong-un is likely aware that as Trump is president, a preemtive strike or any other sort of action towards NK by the US is possible. As such, he was more inclined to have peace talks. However, Trump’s behavior is still horrendous, and the fact that it was possibly useful once is negligible.

     Ultimately, I feel that this summit was a huge and necessary step towards peace, both in the Korean Peninsula and globally. Let us hope that both SK and NK make good on their agreement.

Thanks for reading!


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Gun Control – Inside the Blue

February 14th, 2018.

Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old former student (before his expulsion) from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL attacked the school, killing 17 people and injuring 14 others. Cruz was armed with an AR-15.

This tragic event set off a new movement. The survivors of the Parkland shooting began a movement labeled with the hashtag #NeverAgain. These students, most notably Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, led hundreds of marches and walkouts at high schools and cities throughout March to campaign for change in gun regulation and legislation. This movement has been met with resistance, mainly by conservatives.

Conservative points:

-Many guns used in mass shootings have been purchased illegally, so any sort of ban could be ineffective

-The banning of guns would infringe on the Second Amendment 

-Those campaigning for legislation and change are too young to fully grasp the consequences of any sort of ban 

-There are already many existing safeguards in place to restrict the purchase of firemarms

-Bans, in general, are not flawless and people would still obtain firearms illegally with bans

-The best thing to do is enforce existing laws and examine what can be done about mass shooters/mental health

Liberal points:

-Many guns used in mass shootings have been purchased legally, including those used in Parkland and the 2017 Las Vegas shooting

-The Second Amendment did not take into account the power of modern weapons, written at a time where bullet capacity was low and it took a significant amount of time to reload, thus it should be reconsidered 

Age is insignificant in terms of protesting for change

-The existing safeguards have failed, allowing mass shootings to occur, so they should be strengthened to prevent further incidents

-Any sort of ban will not completely end mass shootings, but it will at least make it harder to purchase firearms for mass shootings

-The best thing to do is create a ban on assault weapons or firearms as a whole and require thorough background checks and/or annual evaluations for gun owners

My thoughts:
It is clear that there is a serious issue with mass shootings in America. For every one hundred Americans, we own around one hundred guns, more than double the country with the second highest population/gun ratio (Germany). We have far more mass shootings than any other nation, though we have a lower gun homicide rate than many other nations.

In order to prevent further mass shootings and gun deaths, we need to make a change. Thus, I agree more with the liberal points in regards to gun control.

Here’s what I believe we should do in order to solve this issue:

-Institute a blanket ban on assault weapons for civilians unless they are required for hunting purposes. There is no logical reason to own an assault weapon. Even if it is for home defense, a handgun will suffice.

-Ban the firearm purchase/ownership by minors

-Require a mandatory background check, evaluation by a doctor, and training/safety course for first-time gun owners

-Require a mandatory background check and doctor evaluation every five years for any gun owner

-Continue the enforcement of gun-free zones. The narrative that “good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns” is illogical and only practical in regards to policemen. One may believe that they are capable of incapacitating a shooter, but instincts take over in the moment of danger. The average person, even with training, will falter when faced with someone with the intent to kill them and could be a danger to others.

In addition, mental health is indeed an issue that needs to be spoken of. We must understand why people become mass shooters and deduce how we can go about stopping people from ever becoming shooters, but I lack any specific ways to deal with this issue in regards to gun control, as it is an entirely different and more complex issue in itself.

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions or critiques, feel free to comment them or direct message me on my Instagram, @kashwrites. Make sure to return next week for more of Inside the Blue.

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Inside the Blue – A Political Commentary

Inside the Blue – A Political Commentary

     We live in a politically diverse and divided world, in nations where politics is constantly at the forefront of our news and media, and, in some cases, our entertainment.

I introduce Inside the Blue, a series of political commentary making sense of the never-ending rush of political news and debate. Every week I will be choosing a topic and writing about said topic, laying out the opposing views and points, my personal input, and a look at the grand scheme of politics and political topics.

I plan to cover a myriad of topics both controversial and relatively unknown but still of great import.

This will begin this weekend with a post on gun violence, the debate surrounding the second amendment, and what can be done to prevent mass shootings.

Stay tuned for more!

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The Room

The Room

In the spirit of Halloween, I will be posting a few horror stories!

Here is the first:

Note: reader discretion is advised. This story contains themes that may be unsuitable of younger audiences.




   The man’s eyes snapped open. He tried to stand, but the rope tying his torso, legs, and arms to the chair wouldn’t break. He was incredibly disoriented and could barely  see. There was one small light, illuminating the man sitting across from him. The man with the torn face, a jagged scar running through his punctured eye. His other eye was missing, leaving only an empty socket in it’s place. His face was ruined, wrinkled and disoriented, with a mouth open in a perpetual silent scream. This man was also tied to a chair, and Dom was forced to watch him scream, trying to no avail to produce a sound from his mouth without a tongue. Dom’s head pounded. The room spun and spun, and Dom sat there moaning.

   Light suddenly poured into the room from a doorway. A tall, well built man stood there with a skeleton mask covering his face. He stepped in, and the door swung shut behind him, again sending the room into darkness.

   He took a few heavy steps forward and flicked a light on.

   The room was again filled with a blindingly bring light, illuminating the table with many strange metal tools, some of which were still covered in blood.

    “Disappointing,” the man growled. “I was hoping that at least three of you would have made it this far.” The man picked up a tool from the table and rubbed his finger against it, getting the blood all over his hands. It was a knife. He looked up at Cameron, the man sitting in front of Dom. Cameron managed to whimper. The man took a step towards him, raising the knife slightly. Cameron started shaking, and his remaining eye opened wide. The man smiled widely. “Oh! I almost forgot!” he said. He stepped back outside the room and returned a few minutes later, lugging a man over his shoulder. He dumped him onto the ground, and the man immediately started crying.

   “Pl-please! I have a family!”

   The man in the mask laughed cruelly and stepped towards the table, picking up an axe.

    “Hmm…axe or knife?”

   The man turned towards Dom.

   “What do you think? Which weapon?”

   Dom shook his head and tried to move away from him.

   “WHICH WEAPON!?” the man bellowed. The man on the floor started sobbing.

   “Fine. “I’ll choose myself.”

   He set down the knife and advanced with the axe. He stood, raising the axe over the man’s head. “Please…” the man on the ground whispered.

   “No” the man said, and swung the axe.


   “AAAAAND CUT!” a voice rang out. The man stopped sobbing and got to his feet. “Hey Bobby, can you take these off for a moment? My arms are getting sore,” Dom said.



I hope you enjoyed the story! More will be coming 🙂

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The Shortest Horror Stories Ever

   Sorry about my hiatus – what with being a sophomore in high school (yay, sooo much fun) I’ve been pressed for time and unable to post as much as I wished to. However, you can expect quite a few posts in the coming weeks!

Anyways, enjoy these super short original horror stories!


When the police came to investigate, I was able to explain the gun. What I wasn’t able to explain was the man in my closet. The man who’s fingernails were splintered from furiously scratching at the door and who was covered in his blood.



Don’t be afraid of the monsters, just look for them! Under your bed, in your closet, and behind the curtains. Just don’t look up, she hates being seen.


I was falling through the air, high above the ground. I tried to release my parachute and realized that I had failed to equip it.


I woke up and saw myself lying down in a box. Suddenly, some of the men lowered a lid onto the box, nailed it shut, and tossed it into the hole. They proceeded to cover it with dirt as I screamed inaudibly.


“Why are you breathing so heavily?”

“I’m not, I thought that was you…”


The Wi-Fi just went out.


I pressed eight, he pressed nine. He got out, turned around, and said “I’m going to kill you when it reaches your floor!’ I watched him, horrified, as the doors shut.


I peered out my window. Although I lived in the country and it was a cloudless night, something was blocking the stars from my view.


I woke up covered head-to-toe in spiders.


I really love this car, the seats are so comfortable! I can’t wait to own it. I just hope she doesn’t see me, or I’ll have to kill her sooner than I had expected.


Should I make another one of these posts? Feedback? Make sure to let me know with a comment!

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His Name is Bond, James Bond

His Name is Bond, James Bond

On Friday, October 7th, 2016, in New York City, I met James Bond.

fullsizerenderOk, not exactly. I met Daniel Craig, the actor who played James Bond in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre.

Let me explain exactly how this marvelous occurrence took place.

Every year in NYC, there is a festival called the New Yorker Festival. This event occurs once a year, usually in early fall. The event is a gathering of important figures in the arts, politics, etc. Many well-known figures are interviewed, and you can purchase tickets to see one interview or more. Since my dad is a huge Bond fan, and that has rubbed off on me, we went to NY for the weekend to see the city + Daniel Craig being interviewed.

The event was called Beyond Bond.

It was Friday night, and the event began at 10 PM and ran until 11:30. My dad, his friend, and I waited outside at around 9:30, and were admitted into the theater where the event was taking place at 10. We had front row seats, only a few feet away from the stage and table where Mr. Craig and Nicholas Schmidle (the interviewer) would sit. There was a large movie theater-style projected screen behind their table. The New Yorker ran some ads for their sponsors, and Mr. Craig + Mr. Schmidle walked onto the stage and took their seats.

I was in the center of the middle of the front row.

The two discussed Mr. Craig’s childhood, inspiration to become an actor, and ran a few clips from some of his movies. They eventually got to politics (Mr. Craig is a Clinton supporter). At last, after bouncing around a few topics (favorite actors, Craig’s role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, etc.), they reached what was likely the most anticipated topic of the evening—Mr. Craig’s experience as Bond. Long story short, he enjoyed being Bond, and denied the rumor that he was offered $150 million for another film. Of course, Mr. Craig did not say outright whether or not he would take the role again.

Towards the end, the floor opened up for a Q&A session. People lined up at microphones stationed in the aisles, and asked their questions. I don’t really remember any of the questions, but I wanted to ask one, so halfway through I stood up and went in line. As far as I’m aware, I was the only kid at the event. There were likely a handful of other highschoolers, but I’m not sure.

Anyways, time was running out, so Mr. Schmidle decided to write down the questions asked, and have Mr. Craig answer them four at a time. Eventually, it was my turn to ask a question. I could barely reach the microphone. I had to stand on my toes, and even then I barely reached it. I was a bit wary of asking questions, but I was like “What the heck” and went for it.

I asked what was his favorite movie (out of the ones he’s been in). And then I asked Mr. Craig for his autograph. He said “Yeah”. I had brought my autograph book, so I raced down to the stage and handed it to him.

Oh the awesomeness (yes I know that is not a word) of that moment…it was unreal. So he signed it. and reached out his hand to shake mine. I kinda missed it (oops) so he just patted me on the back.

Then, I sat down, a few other people asked their questions. I kinda ignored the questions because I was lost in the euphoria of the moment.

So, the questions were repeated and answered. Eventually Mr. Craig got to mine, and seemed a tad bit overwhelmed (it was a rather difficult question to answer). So, he gestured towards me and said “Which is your favorite?” I replied “Skyfall,” and he said “Okay, Skyfall.

Those were probably some of the best few minutes of my life.

Below are photos and a video of the event (for my recurring readers, besides the ones who know me in the real world, this will be the first time you’re seeing me!).


Video (#TNYfest – Daniel Craig from nuvs on Vimeo.)

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