The Room

In the spirit of Halloween, I will be posting a few horror stories!

Here is the first:

Note: reader discretion is advised. This story contains themes that may be unsuitable of younger audiences.




   The man’s eyes snapped open. He tried to stand, but the rope tying his torso, legs, and arms to the chair wouldn’t break. He was incredibly disoriented and could barely  see. There was one small light, illuminating the man sitting across from him. The man with the torn face, a jagged scar running through his punctured eye. His other eye was missing, leaving only an empty socket in it’s place. His face was ruined, wrinkled and disoriented, with a mouth open in a perpetual silent scream. This man was also tied to a chair, and Dom was forced to watch him scream, trying to no avail to produce a sound from his mouth without a tongue. Dom’s head pounded. The room spun and spun, and Dom sat there moaning.

   Light suddenly poured into the room from a doorway. A tall, well built man stood there with a skeleton mask covering his face. He stepped in, and the door swung shut behind him, again sending the room into darkness.

   He took a few heavy steps forward and flicked a light on.

   The room was again filled with a blindingly bring light, illuminating the table with many strange metal tools, some of which were still covered in blood.

    “Disappointing,” the man growled. “I was hoping that at least three of you would have made it this far.” The man picked up a tool from the table and rubbed his finger against it, getting the blood all over his hands. It was a knife. He looked up at Cameron, the man sitting in front of Dom. Cameron managed to whimper. The man took a step towards him, raising the knife slightly. Cameron started shaking, and his remaining eye opened wide. The man smiled widely. “Oh! I almost forgot!” he said. He stepped back outside the room and returned a few minutes later, lugging a man over his shoulder. He dumped him onto the ground, and the man immediately started crying.

   “Pl-please! I have a family!”

   The man in the mask laughed cruelly and stepped towards the table, picking up an axe.

    “Hmm…axe or knife?”

   The man turned towards Dom.

   “What do you think? Which weapon?”

   Dom shook his head and tried to move away from him.

   “WHICH WEAPON!?” the man bellowed. The man on the floor started sobbing.

   “Fine. “I’ll choose myself.”

   He set down the knife and advanced with the axe. He stood, raising the axe over the man’s head. “Please…” the man on the ground whispered.

   “No” the man said, and swung the axe.


   “AAAAAND CUT!” a voice rang out. The man stopped sobbing and got to his feet. “Hey Bobby, can you take these off for a moment? My arms are getting sore,” Dom said.



I hope you enjoyed the story! More will be coming 🙂

The Shortest Horror Stories Ever

   Sorry about my hiatus – what with being a sophomore in high school (yay, sooo much fun) I’ve been pressed for time and unable to post as much as I wished to. However, you can expect quite a few posts in the coming weeks!

Anyways, enjoy these super short original horror stories!


When the police came to investigate, I was able to explain the gun. What I wasn’t able to explain was the man in my closet. The man who’s fingernails were splintered from furiously scratching at the door and who was covered in his blood.



Don’t be afraid of the monsters, just look for them! Under your bed, in your closet, and behind the curtains. Just don’t look up, she hates being seen.


I was falling through the air, high above the ground. I tried to release my parachute and realized that I had failed to equip it.


I woke up and saw myself lying down in a box. Suddenly, some of the men lowered a lid onto the box, nailed it shut, and tossed it into the hole. They proceeded to cover it with dirt as I screamed inaudibly.


“Why are you breathing so heavily?”

“I’m not, I thought that was you…”


The Wi-Fi just went out.


I pressed eight, he pressed nine. He got out, turned around, and said “I’m going to kill you when it reaches your floor!’ I watched him, horrified, as the doors shut.


I peered out my window. Although I lived in the country and it was a cloudless night, something was blocking the stars from my view.


I woke up covered head-to-toe in spiders.


I really love this car, the seats are so comfortable! I can’t wait to own it. I just hope she doesn’t see me, or I’ll have to kill her sooner than I had expected.


Should I make another one of these posts? Feedback? Make sure to let me know with a comment!

Becca Productions

   If you enjoy theatre, podcasts, and writing, go check out Becca Productions, founded by Shazeb Meraj and Jared Sarnie.

Becca Productions has made it their mission to convey thought-provoking and insightful ideas to create riveting content that is quite unique. I strongly recommend checking out some of their content, especially their television talk show and radio-hour style anthology.


Becca Productions

The Capsule – a weekly podcast

Sad Stories and Happy Songs – a collection of stories and original music

Planet Nine – 1

   Hey guys! As you may (or may not) know, I have been writing a serial on my Instagram.

I will be posting the serial here as well, five parts of it per post.

You can find my first serial here.

Without further ado, here is Planet 9 – parts 1 through 5.


2291. The year when nations began a nuclear war, tearing humanity apart. By 2302, the Earth had finally become uninhabitable. Humans had been able to survive on Mars, but it simply was not enough. We needed to begin the conquest; journeying farther than any humans had ever gone in search of a new world that we could live on.

I stepped onto the ship and stopped. Turning around, I cast one final look at my family before the doors closed behind me. I didn’t know if I would ever be here again.

It was June of 2365. The population of Mars had  grown drastically during in the last six decades. There were only a few hundred million of us on a Mars to start with, and now there were nearly two times as many of us. Resources were scarce. The Chancellor of The Republic of Mars had decided that in order for us to survive, we needed to send people in to space. The last time mankind had done that was in 2059, only two decades after we sent man to Mars. The United States had sent people out into the solar system to see if there was anything beyond what we knew of. They never returned.

Now it was our turn to venture far into the clutches of space. For centuries scientists had debated over whether or not a ninth planet existed. If there was one, it could be inhabitable. We were to journey out into the Kuiper belt in hopes of finding said planet. There could be nothing there whatsoever, but it was worth a shot.

And so, our mission began.

I turned to face away from the doors. “Welcome aboard Anton!” The ship contained an entity that wasn’t exactly human. Artificial intelligence had gotten to the point where we had developed something that was seen as the epitome of man in an entirely different form: a robot that could access all technology through its system. Sterling controlled nearly everything. “Hello Sterling,” I called out. I looked up expectantly at the ceiling. A metal arm with a smartphone lowered from the ceiling. I pulled off the phone and turned it on. Every crew member had a phone, aside from Spencer, who could tap into the messaging features through his system. One of the applications on the phone showed an in-depth map of the ship. All crew members were present. “Attention everyone! Time for liftoff,” Sterling announced through the ship speakers.

The other six astronauts were already in the Hub when I arrived. The Hub was essentially the core of the ship. All of the technology and monitoring systems were located here. Food was stored in various containers. There was a recreational area with a few games and books, all fixed into position on shelves. Finally, there were seven chairs in front of the monitors, one of which showed the crowd outside watching us. All seven of us sat down and buckled up.

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

With a tremendous shudder, the thrusters began to fire, and we slowly lifted off of the ground.

“Legend” By Marie Lu – Book Review

   “Legend” by Marie Lu is the beginning of a dystopia trilogy set in the United States. The country has split in half, and The Republic governs the west. The story follows two teenagers: a criminal and the child of a wealthy family.

Note: this review will contain major plot spoilers and scenes that are unsuitable of younger audiences. Reader discretion is advised.


   The government of the Republic is attempting to find an elusive criminal named Day. Day, as far as his family members (aside from his brother) know, is dead. Day is traveling around with his friend Tess, an orphan with great healing skills. 

     While spying on his family, Day learns that one of his family members is infected with a disease, and he breaks into a hospital to steal medicine. He manages to do so, but not without being confronted by a guard. Day stabs the guard in the shoulder and escapes. The next morning, the guard is found dead. His younger sister, June, is sent to hunt down Day. She comes from a rich family that is friendly with the Republic. June accidentally ends up in a fighting ring and beats up a member of the Patriots, a resistance group that is locked in combat with the Republic. June is later attacked by a group in an alley. Day and Tess save her. June and Day fall in love, but June comes to realize that Day is who she has been hunting, and returns to her home to report his identity to the republic. June finds her brother’s computer and learns that his murder is not what it seems. He believed that the Republic planned to kill him. June realizes Day is innocent and that the Republic is corrupt and the government officials are evil.

     A military official goes to Day’s house and threatens to shoot his mother unless he reveals himself. Day does, but his mother is killed anyways. Day and his brother John are arrested and sentenced to death. June, enlightened to the evils of the Republic, decides to help save Day. She convinces the Patriots to save Day. The Day of the execution, the Patriots rescue Day. John, however, is executed. June and Day are aided by the Patriots, and the pair get on a train to travel to the east – the Colonies. 

   The plot was decent. I personally was not a fan of the predictability and lack of complexity. The death of Day’s family members didn’t really have much of a purpose other than to fuel June’s hatred against the Republic, which was unnecessary once she found out that they had killed her brother.


    The characterization in this book was good. The three main characters had a decent amount of depth. June and Day’s love interest likely conflicts with Tess later in the series. My guess is that Tess will have been secretly in love with Day, creating a love triangle and forcing Day to chose between the two.


   I would rate this book, overall, a 3.5. I was not a huge fan of this book, but it did have a few excellent scenes. For me, personally, it was little more than an average dystopia book. I will give this book an age rating of 12+ due to several violent scenes and occasional light swearing.

New Book Review System

   I’ve adopted a new system to review and rate books. Instead of rating books out of five stars, I will be rating them out of ten.

Here is what the new ratings mean:

1- I loathe this book with a burning passion and I believe that nobody should ever read it.

2- This book was very bad and I strongly recommend avoiding it at all costs.

3- I recommend not reading this book unless you wish to be extremely bored.

4- At best, this was a mediocre book and I give it a weak recommend.

5- This book was decent and I would recommend reading it.

6- I enjoyed this book and think it’s a good book that should be read.

7- It is a very good book and should be read by everyone, even people who don’t necessarily enjoy literature. 

8- This book is excellent and I strongly recommend reading it.

9- This book rivals some of the books I personally consider the greatest books of all time and should be read at your earliest convenience.

10- This is the magnum opus of literature and you must read it immediately. 


“Camp Half-Blood Confidential” by Rick Riordan – Book Review

     “Camp Half-Blood Confidential” is a collection of various short stories, illustrations, and miscellaneous scenes that all pertain to Rick Riordan’s fictional world of gods, monsters, and adventure.

 Note: this review will differ from my normal style due to the fact that there is no real plot line. 

   This book has minor connections to a few of Riordan’s series in that it’s set in the same universe and has many of the same characters. This book does not contain major links to any series/the overarching plot line. The book is set sometime after “The Hidden Oracle” and will contain minor spoilers if you have not read THO. 

   The book essentially opens on CHB minus Chiron (who is off to rescue some demigods who could possibly be important characters later on) and Dionysus who is MIA. Nico discovers that none of the other campers have seen the CHB orientation film, and the campers decide to play the film. The rest of the book comprises of various scenes and stories from said film, little bits of Apollo’s bad poetry, explanations of tourist attractions and maps of CHB. In addition, we have the standard glossary of characters, and a preview of “The Dark Prophecy.” The characters are the same, no new characters are introduced that have not been mentioned in a previous series.

   Overall,  this was a mediocre book. Nothing special. I’d rate it 5/10 and give it a weak recommend. I’d give it an age rating of 8+ for mild/infrequent violence.

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Writing Prompts 2

More prompts! 

Sci-Fi Prompts: 

  1. The moon suddenly disappears with no explanation. What happened?
  2. While on a trip to Easter Island, a man discovers carvings in a cave that depict aliens visiting to help move to Moai.

Horror Prompts:

  1. Police try to hunt down a serial killer in Las Vegas before he murderers his next target.
  2. A group of friends decided to explore the creepy abandoned hospital that was shut down after several surgeons were convicted with malpractice and murder.

“Pines” by Blake Crouch – Book Review

     “Pines” by Blake Crouch is the first book of the Wayward Pines trilogy. The name might sound familiar as there was a TV show based off of the trilogy, but it was canceled after season two.

Please note: reader discretion is advised. This review will have detailed plot spoilers. If you want to see my rating of the book and whether or not I recommend it, go to the bottom of the review.

     The book starts off with a secret service agent, Ethan Burke, sent to the fictional town of Wayward Pines, Idaho to investigate the disappearance of two other agents. Ethan and another agent are in a car accident, and Ethan wakes up in the hospital in Wayward Pines. Ethan’s phone, ID, and briefcase are nowhere to be found. Many questions begin to arise: why can’t Ethan contact his family or the secret service office in Seattle? Why does nobody believe he is who he claims to be? Why can’t anyone speak of the past? Why is there a giant fence surrounding the town, and why did he find the rotting corpse of one of the missing agents in an abandoned house?

The writing and plot of this book are very interesting. The chapters flash between Ethan (in Wayward Pines0 and his wife and their son (in Seattle). The reader comes to realize that things in Wayward Pines are very, very off. Everyone acts very strange, aside from one lady, Beverly, who Ethan meets and befriends. Ethan ends up finding the other missing agent, Kate Hewson, who claims she has been living in the town for over a decade. She tells Ethan that everyone is constantly under surveillance, and he discovers that there are microphones and cameras everywhere. 

Beverly explains to Ethan that the other agent was killed. When someone commits a serious crime in the town, the townsfolk hunt the criminal down and the sheriff executes them. Ethan ends up back in the hospital after a confrontation with the sheriff, and the book changes perspective to his wife. A man named David Pilcher who is somehow involved in Ethan’s disappearance captures Ethan’s wife and their son. Ethan awakes in the hospital once again to the town psychiatrist sitting next to him. He and the head nurse, Pam, begin to prep Ethan for some sort of medical procedure, but Beverly manages to help Ethan escape. The two of them  are later hunted down by the townsfolk and Beverly is executed. Right before the chase to capture Ethan begins, his wife is seen in a house in the town, refusing to join the hunt.

Ethan manages to pass the fence and reaches the mountains that border the town. While he climbs, he encounters strange monsters that try to kill him. The monsters kind of reminded me of Golem but a lot stronger and without an obsession with a ring. 

Ethan manages to make it to some sort of facility in the mountains. Ethan is captured by the sheriff and the psychiatrist, Dr. Jenkins. They are about to kill him, but Jenkins delivers the earth-shattering truth about Wayward Pines. In the late twentieth century, David Pilcher realized that because of the environmental destruction committed by humans, humanity would eventually evolve into monstrous creatures. Pilcher proceeded to capture many humans over the next few days and preserve their bodies. Two thousand years later, Pilcher awakened the people and staged car accidents. Everyone in the town believes that they are in the twentieth/twenty-first century, but this is not the case. They are are living in the early 4000s. Then, Jenkins reveals himself to  be Pilcher. 

     The main things I liked about this book were the ingenious plot and the characters. Many of the characters were not perfect, including Ethan. Far too often the protagonist of the story is a flawless person that has no faults whatsoever. Ethan, however, has a dark past. He had an affair with Kate while married to his wife. He had been captured in war and tortured for months, and eventually killed his torturer. The sheriff, while seeming to be an antagonist ultimately had good intentions; keeping people from finding out the truth.

Overall I would rate this book 5/5 stars and I strongly recommend it to anyone that likes sci-fi, dystopia, and mysteries. I would give an age rating of 13+ due to swearing and a few detailed & gory scenes. 

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Writing Prompts 1

   Want to write a short story or flash fiction but have no idea where to start? Yeah, I’ve been there. I’ve decided to compose a list of writing prompts/starters/ideas for those who need an idea to begin a story.

General Prompts:

  1. Your character is approached by a man who claims he possesses the ability to see the future. He proceeds to disclose to said character that he/she will, in 48 hours, be the only human being on Earth.
  2. Your character is the commander of a planet-wide defense agency and must use all the resources of mankind to defend Earth from an alien attack.

Horror Prompts:

  1. The locals of a small town often report seeing an odd creature lurking in the shadows at night. There are a handful of disappearances linked to sightings of the creature.
  2. A band of teenagers go to a nearby island to throw a party. The island is covered with woods and lacks inhabitants. Things start getting chilling when one of the attendees stumbles out of the woods with a knife in his chest. With his last breath, he tells the others to run.

Mystery Prompts:

  1. A famous painting is stolen from a museum. Inspection of surveillance camera tapes reveals the thief to be an employee of the museum. One week later, while in prison, the employee is found dead, having been stabbed in the back with a knife. But where is the painting, and who killed the employee?
  2. A well-regarded lawyer is caught fabricating evidence to prove the defendant of a burglary guilty. Said lawyer has no relation to either the burglar or the case…or do they?

I’m planning to make this a series – uploading 5+ prompts a week. 

If you use any of these, make sure to let me know!