Happy Halloween everybody!

Happy reading.


I sprung awake, certain that someone was watching me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t make a sound. All I could do was stare up at the ceiling and at the monstrous creature looming above me. 

Then, I screamed. I flew out of my bed and towards the door before realizing that the creature was gone. My breathing slowed and I turned back around to my bed. It was gone. 

I was awake again. I rubbed my eyes and looked over at the clock. 2:59 AM. My mouth was dry. Impossibly dry. I reached for the glass on my table and lifted it to my mouth. It was empty. I stood up and walked over to the door. As I reached my hand towards the doorknob, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I turned around slowly. My heartbeat quickened. It stalked towards me; a creature with claws larger than my face and wings that completely blocked out and light coming from the windows. I couldn’t see its face, but I could hear a distorted gurgling emanating from its throat. I backed into the corner, covering my face with my arms. 

I was back in my bed. This time, I immediately sprinted for the door. I pried it open and ran into the hall. It was right there. It drove its claw towards me.

I leapt to my feet, hurriedly shrugging off the blanket. A rotten stench filled my nose—the smell of death. I went for both of the windows, but they were both bolted shut, and I could not see anything outside.

The door creaked open.

I spun around and saw it charging towards me, its face still pointed towards the floor. 

This time, I stayed in bed. Maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t move, it wouldn’t find me.

The door opened, and I heard heavy footsteps. The strange gurgling noise grew louder, and the creature began to beat its wings. I was frozen in fear.

The creature let out a terrible shriek—a sound like metal gears grinding on rock. 

I scrambled to my feet and leapt behind the door. It opened once again, and the creature moved into the room. The smell was unbearably strong.

The smell was even worse. Blood was pouring under the door and making a small pool at my feet. The creature crashed through it and finally looked in my direction. All I saw was two glaring red eyes moving towards me.

It was right next to my bed already. I grabbed my clock—which still read 2:59 AM—and threw it at the creature, then slammed into it as I ran for the door.

I woke up again. 


The creature was already in the room, but not quite at my bed. I made a silent resolution and shakily stood.

The creature lifted its head, and I stared into the deep red eyes and the twisted face with features that look as if they were chiseled from stone.

I stepped towards it, and it opened its gaping mouth and went straight for my neck. I smelled a faint metallic stench as my blood poured onto the floor. I collapsed, dying.

I saw the two eyes glaring at me, and then there was darkness.

It was quiet. 

Too quiet.

The door didn’t open. The creature didn’t crash through it.

Nothing happened.

I slowly opened the door and stepped into the hallway. No smell. No noise. No bright red eyes.

I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door. 

It was dark, but I could still faintly make out the details of my face. 

I began to cry.

The clock on the bathroom counter read 3:00 AM.


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